Web design involves more than creating an image for the public to view. Beyond your company image, you want to create an experience that is easy to use and beneficial in the information, servics and product provided to your customer. Whether you spend $50 or $50,000 on your site, search engine optimization should be apart of your design goals.

Web Design

Sippel Technologies, Inc. is a full-service visual identity development firm utilizing the top creative design and programming talents in the field to create high-quality online presence. What makes STI unique is that we are more than a traditional design firm, and more than just a technical team.

STI integrates unique creative vision with a complete understanding of the latest technologies to provide the best Internet media available. We put the needs of the client at the forefront, utilizing the latest technologies to deliver the best in content and style that will achieve the client's goals and exceed their expectations.

STI offers such services as HTML programming, JAVA and Shockwave applet creation, CGI, Ajax, PHP, ASP, and database scripting, GIF and Flash animation, Image Map creation, electronic marketing, development of online catalogues, enabling of password protection, configuring sites to function with secure credit card transactions, and updating and ongoing maintenance and development of web sites.

STI produces all web pages in pure HTML, saying that "...converters are limiting...the online site will always have to be fine-tuned, so therefore this is more efficient in the long run..." As soon as new standards in browser technology and Internet features are introduced, they are able to take advantage of these browser advances immediately without waiting for the next version of the editor to become available because all STI designs are programmed in pure HTML.

STI's unique "6 Step Program To Getting Internet-Tailored" caters to the needs of the individual designing a personal web site all the way up to the corporate conglomerate establishing a world-wide online marketing campaign. Most design firms have failed in this area, because of their limited capabilities. STI will complete your project goals and place your company in the internet spotlight.

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